I just read a very funny line a book I am reading.  I don’t know if I totally agree, but it struck me funny non-the-less.

“If God had meant women to do housework, he wouldn’t have created men first.” 

Now this could be taken in various contexts, but I am taking it to mean men are slobs and we spend a lot of time cleaning up after them.  I am trying to teach my boys to clean up after themselves, but I am afraid it is in their DNA make-up to leave crap laying behind for me to pick up.  It’s not that the house is dirty, it just always has toys, or magazines or papers laying all over.  I keep piles, nice neat piles where I know I can find what I want and need.  Apparently Ben thinks those piles are useless, because if he is looking for something he spreads the entire pile out to find it.  Logical I guess, but then one would think maybe mom wants me to put that back the way I found it – right?  Ah, no – we will just leave it because we know mom can’t stand to see papers spread out and she will just come and put it back in a pile again!  Mmmm…

I don’t know why I thought of this, probably because of the pile of papers, but it’s a funny story that makes me laugh to this day.

One day at work I changed an itinerary for a group three times, because the trainer changed, the group wanted to add something and the flight time changed.  So finally I think I am done with this stupid schedule.  As I am walking by my bosses office the new trainer walks out and says well I think I have made the fianl adjustments to the itineary, just let me type them up and you can print it for the customers.  I was so stunned I threw the fist full of papers I had at him and walked away.  I think he was more stunned because he just stood there.  My boss came out of the office laughing and we all had a good chuckle.  Maybe it’s just pregnancy hormones seeping their way out!


More work completed on the yard today!  Yeah!  It’s taken us so long to get anywhere on our monstrosity of a yard that now that the hard work is almost complete I am so excited!

We put a new flower/sitting garden in our front yard and have been working on the gazebo area.  It will be beautiful when it’s complete.  I wonder about the flowers I planted in the new garden.  I hope we will be able to enjoy them this year.  I know when I planted around the deck it took awhile for it all to fill in and look nice, but wow now it is fantastic!

I told Mitch we should really start an orchard in the back yard.  I was only half kidding.  It might be a great idea!  Lord know this would have been the year to plant trees since it was such nice weather to begin with and then two weeks of rain!  They would have thrived.  Oh well all in good time I guess.

I got all hoped up on adrenalin again last week when I started to think of a new project we should do.  But by the end of the day my real job had kicked my butt and sucked all of the adrenalin out of my body.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my job.  However it is sometimes stressful, overwhelming, and very tiring.  I really need to start walking during the day to get some of the stuff out of my head.  It’s so terrible I dream about it at night.  I pray to God to take away the work dreams.  I hate that!


We were riding in the car the other day and Benjamin looks over at me thoughtfully.  He says, “Mom did you already go to college?”  I said “Yes,” proudly and smiled at him.

Then he says, “So what are you then?”

Hmm…  Ok that caught me a little off guard!  What am I?  I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a cook, I am a housekeeper, I am a bus driver, I am an animal trainer, and sometimes I am a zoo keeper! 

So what I really said was, “I work at Marvins and I am a Travel Coordinator.”  And he says, “No, but whaaat arrrre youuuu?”

Oh boy this is not going to go well no matter what I say if it’s not a doctor or a lawyer or a power ranger, so I just say, “I am the one who organizes everyones travel schedule at work.  I talk on the phone and play on the computer.

“Oh ok.”  He says without another word.

Ya know one of my co-workers tells a little story at the beginning of his presentations about his little boy and what he thinks his daddy does.

He asked his little boy one day after the little boy told his dad to have a good day at work, “What kind of place do you think I work at?”  And the little boy replied, “Mmm… Candy store?”

Well my co-workers says what else would he think.  I go to work and bring home treats!

I guess we can’t expect little minds to pick up on all of our insecurities.  If we think we do everything, but they only see part of it then in their mind that’s all we do:-)