Shut your mouth!


This is a  phrase you would often hear riding in the back of a pickup truck or riding your four wheeler through the forestry, otherwise you might fill up on bugs.  Not always what you hear in the garden and not always from yourself, unless you are me!  I ate a bug because I was talking to myself and not paying attention to the task at hand.

eye roll!

Not where you thought this post was going I bet.  That’s ok, go ahead and chuckle and roll your eyes.  That is what my husband does.

Ecclesiastes flower

The garden is coming along fantastic!  And the flowers have finally decided to emerge from their winter slumber.  The leaves are turning green and everythinbe seems to be in full Spring glory.

Even those two mysterious campers that pull into the empty yard just up the road.  They appear every Spring, but I have never actually seen anyone there.   I know there are people who stay there though, because there are always ATVs and or vehicles in the yard.  This has been going on a few years now and sooner or later I might get to the bottom of it!


Yes, this is one of the fun ways we pass the time in the toolies.  We don’t have many neighbors or traffic around here, so when things change or new people start coming around it becomes sort of a game guessing their business.   That’s life in our small town.


Enjoy your surroundings today!