New Post

I am embarking on a new adventure starting today. It’s called 10, 10 and 10. I hope you will enjoy what spills forth.


The Lord has brought me back. I have been delivered… again. Such a peace flows through me when I know He
is with me That is when I acknowledge
He is with me. He is of course always
there. I teach that to my Sunday School
kids. I try every Sunday to make sure
they know that God is all around us not only up in Heaven. But then why do I struggle with the concept

As an adult I am not as open to the Grace and free love and
mercy that God promises.  Sometimes every
day is a struggle. But I made it through
another one. There must be a
reason. That reason is God’s plan. It’s not mine. I can kick and scream to get my own way, but
at the end God’s plan will win out. It’s
just a matter of how fast I concede to let Him unveil it. I keep ignoring the nudges or I just let the
loud noise of the world cover His ever so still and quiet voice. I am learning that to listen to God my heart
has to open and my mind has to be clear.
Again I say that to my Sunday School kids, “Open your heart, that’s how
we can hear God…But I have trouble
with it myself.

My prayer today is to hear God’s word. To hear God’s voice. To obey God’s word. Thank you Jesus for this day. Thank you for this challenge you put in front
of me. Thank you for giving writing back
to me. I give it to you!



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