Love Letters to God

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I felt really led through this whole writing.  I know it was God, I knew it when I was writing it.  It’s the first time I can really say that and it feels good.  I made it through delivering the whole thing to the ladies at WM’s tonight.  Even at the start I was trying to figure out if I could cut anything and still deliver the message, that’s how nervous I was, but I did it!  I hope you enjoy it.

Love letters to God by KarLynn Erickson

I was reviewing 1 Corinthians 13 when I came up with this.

I think it’s important to write love letters.  They may be outdated with all of the technology we have today and social media where everyone knows instantly whom you love.  But a hand written letter or note is so very personal and really touching.  The first part of this is a piece of a love letter for God.

You have promised me refuge.  You have promised me safety.  You have promised me shelter.  You have promised me love.  From the depth of my soul I feel your presence, yet my earthly body still fears loneliness and darkness and death.

Lord, oh Lord my strength in weakness.  My mind wonders playing in darkness.  Even when I know unhappiness and uncertainty will knock upon my door.  Your door lies open as an example to human kind.  Come in you command.  Walking by I disobey.

Patience for me and my unruliness must seem like a full time job to you.  I pray, I fall, I pray, I fall and again and so forth.  Your plan is laid out.  Your will be done, if only I would cooperate.  My small existence must have big meaning or you wouldn’t keep following me around like you do.  This pesky conscience of mine.  It used to be easier to get away with ignoring your will, but now it’s nearly impossible to hide.

I am beginning to see my place.  Piece by piece I see a puzzle coming together to make the life you wish me to live, possible.  Stumble as I do, you are there to catch me every time.  I end up in your arms and usually in tears wondering and asking Father why did I…  Your simple reply to this lowly earthly creature,  “My child, my child I love you and will not forsake you.”  I love you to Lord and try my best to do so every day and all day.

I love you, Be Mine, Hug me these are all on the conversation hearts popular this time of year.  But we should be making our own for God.  Forgive me, I’m sorry, Praise you, and Thank you.

It’s so easy to take His words for granted.  If we keep asking for forgiveness He will keep coming to our rescue, right?  We have to mean the words that come out of our mouth.  We can’t just spew out the rehearsed prayer we have said a thousand times and call it good.  What He says means something, what we say should mean something as well.

Talk to God as if he is your best friend and the love of your life.  We shouldn’t treat Him like a person far away on a pedastle  untouchable and unreachable until Sunday.  He is all around us and we should be walking with Him and talking to Him all day long.  That’s when the stuff we repent about happens you know.  During the day when we are so busy taking care of kids, or working, or running errands life gets in our way and we stumble.  Or at least I do and sometimes in a big way.  Just try to pull out in front of me when I am coming up to your crossing!!!  That really erks me when I have to slam on my breaks because you can’t wait your turn to pull out after me.  Ok so maybe I was going a little fast in the first place and maybe you actually had plenty of time to get out safely, but in my fit of rage it seemed like you blocked me from getting to my destination first and I know my shaking fist means nothing because you couldn’t see it, but it made me feel better.  Hmmm…  How many commandments did I break in that 2 minute period?  If we are not constantly recognizing that God is all around us all the time, we will forget He is there and forget how to act.  Love your neighbor, love your family, love your friends, love yourself – God certainly does.  He loves us for who he made us to become and so far He is not giving up on me.  I really encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13. Let it soak in.  Let God’s love wash over you and fill you with all that you need.

One last note:  I heard on a radio broadcast lately that we should really reflect on our journey to where we are now in God’s kingdom.  Who are the people around us that we can thank and pray for that helped us get to where we are.  We didn’t do it by ourselves.  God puts people into our lives and those people pray for us.  In turn we need to pray for them and thank God for his ultimate plan and their part in that plan.  As I look around this room I see many people who have helped me on my journey.  We have such an awesome support system within our Church family.  I don’t know where I would be right now without that love and support.  So thank you, I love you and know that you are truly in my prayers.


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