Tis the season!


I can’t even believe that it is Christmas already!

Time is slipping away to quickly.  Some days during winter seem to never end, but time in general is getting away from me.  My Zander will be 4 before I know it.  Then the end of January will be here, February is a short month and then it’s March!  Signs of Spring will hopefully begin to show.  Ok, so maybe I am getting WAY ahead of myself here.

I know, I know… Do not borrow trouble from tomorrow, tomorrow will have enough trouble of it’s own.  Thinking of tomorrow is kind of a bad habit of mine.  A bit of a dreamer I guess.

It’s a balmy 20 some degrees below zero here.  And yes that is the temp not the wind-chill.  The wind-chill is minus 30 some below.  However the sun is spectacular this morning.  I am told that the Sundogs will be awesome today.  Our plan of sledding at the Malung hill is probably out, but a game of bowling may be heading our way!

We were drooling over the temps in Florida while watching GMA this morning.  89 degrees.  I love snow at Christmas, but I would love to be swimming in 89 degree weather just once in December.

My hope for you today is peace and love.


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