There is something magical about getting all of your shopping done online with free shipping. It’s an entirely different feeling waiting, hoping that it all gets here in time!

We live 1 to 2 hours from a city with more than 3000 people in it, so going shopping is an adventure in itself. I am not one to take the adventure. I’d rather read about someone else’s or write my own.

This is the first time I have shopped online for Christmas and I did it all in one day, unfortunately it comes in several different shipments on several different days. This is nerve-wracking for someone who, first of all doesn’t like to shop, but second of all likes things done in a neat and tidy manner of her own doing. Control freak? Maybe, but that’s life in the skin of this small town girl.

I hope that you will be relaxed and enjoy the reason for this season. Christ’s birth is the single greatest story told. Take some time to read it out of the greatest book available. It’s amazing and magical and AWESOME!

Be safe and enjoy your family.


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