Look what we did today!  What was a patch of grass will soon become a bountiful harvest(we hope!).  I think I am most excited about the pumpkin patch!  Thank you mom for all the seeds!  The kids are going to have a blast.  The babies already had fun in the dirt today.  They were running through here like they had never seen such a fun playground.  Kids!  Just wait until they have to weed or pick potato bugs:-)


I love freshly mown grass!  It took most of the day, but I think we got it!  I didn’t take pictures of the other two sections, because that would just be bragging:-)  Haha!

DSC02530 DSC02529

To me a view from the toolies is this!  My child didn’t know what a skyscraper was until it was a vocabulary word in his Social Studies class.  When we sit on our deck as far as our eyes can see there are field and trees.  I love it that way.  No concrete jungle or tin city.  Only what God created.



Cherry blossoms and all.  I thought I killed my Hastas but they are coming up!  I was so excited.  Everything in the garden took it’s sweet time coming to the surface and I was starting to get nervous.


Enjoy your day!


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