The new potty training trend

I always knew I was behind the times by a year or two, but now I think I am just completely out of it.  My three year old has just been potty trained for a couple of months.  I thought we were ahead of the game since our oldest was four and ready for preschool.  Apparently I am way behind, because there is a new trend of potty training from birth.  This means no diapers anytime people.

Women are holding their infants over a toilet or other receptacle in anticipation of them going to the bathroom.  Yes you heard me correctly.  And it has a name, “Elimanation Communicatom” or “EC”.  The caregiver watches the child’s face expressions and notices which are associated with potty time.  Ahh yeah, I am trying to do that with my two year old and it’s not going well.  I hope this works for those of you willing to try it.

Other women with more main stream methods were mentioning their one and two year olbe being trained.  Hmmm…  I think I better get a move on with miss Meri.  We are way behind the eight ball!


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