Time saving tip: Save the dishes for the morning.


For people who need everything spotless and organized this will not work for you!  For those who are tired and busy and just want to spend some time with their family in the evening, listen up.


It’s ok to the leave some house work overnight in order to savor the last few hours of the day with your kids and husband. For me the early morning brings much energy and clarity. I leave my sink full of dishes at night and there is no House Keeping Fairy that visits my dreams to chastise me. Its ok!  Our kids are little for such a short time I feel like I should be savoring every second instead of making sure the dishes are done right after dinner. 

clean house


There is definitely no manual to prepare you for the amount of work involved in keeping a house, a husband and children. All we have to go by is what our parents did. And if you are like me, you didn’t pay close enough attention to the details. I think living by our parents example is great to a certain extent. I also feel like we need to forge our own path with our own experiences and set of circumstances.

funny housework

My hope for you today is peace and love to fill your home. Relax and enjoy the time God has allowed us on this earth!


I didn’t write this, but I wish I would have.  It’s lovely!  Enjoy!


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