My lesson for today


I have been struggling with patience and it is really getting to me.  I can’t seem to hold anything in and everything is making me irritated.  I am reading “Reduce me to Love” by Joyce Meyers.  I have a couple of paragraphs to share that really hit me today.

Love is patient.  It is not in a hurry.  It always takes time to wait on God, to fellowship with Him. 
A person whose life is marked by love is patient with people.  He is even patient with himself, with his own frailties and weaknesses.  He is also kind.  He takes the time to listen to the elderly person who is lonely and wants to talk.  He is willing to listen to the same story four or five times just to show kindness.
The patient person is long-suffering.  He can put up with something uncomfortable for a long period of time without complaining.  He has the power to endure whatever comes with good temper. 

Wow.  Without complaining.  That is the kicker right?  We can be patient on the outside all we want to, but when we turn around and complain to whomever will listen it negates the entire patient moment we may have.  Bummer!  Called me on that one!


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