Chronicles of Planning a Vacation part 3: What to do while your there?

This is another tough decision.  There is so much to see and do and you know your only going to be there for a few days.  I would like to think we would go back again, but then we said we would always travel and haven’t been anywhere in 12 years, so that’s how that goes!  We have decided we are not going to run our selves ragged trying to see everything all day and every day.  We are going to relax and that is fine with me!  I am looking forward to laying by the pool without having to sit on the edge of my seat wondering if my two year old will get over her fear of water and take a plunge.  Yeah!

The only thing we are planning for sure is our helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.  I can’t wait!  We passed up a helicopter ride when we were in Florida and I have always been disappointed we decided not to go.  Other than that we are going to enjoy our time doing nothing or doing something.  There are a few shows we have entertained seeing, but nothing that either of us are dying to see.  We did learn that Jeff Dunham will be in town, so that might be fun, but we will see where the wind takes us.


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