Chronicles of Planning a Vacation part 2: Where to stay

This has become our next obstacle. Man there are a lot of options and good ones too! As I mentioned before food is a big deal. If you have ever read my blog before you have heard me rant about the lack of food options where I live. If you like home cooking or fast food you would survive just fine(maybe), but I can cook what I want at home I am not going to pay someone else to feed me a chicken breast – blaaahhhhh! Ok enough about that. Anyway, you can view all of the restaurant options each hotel has in Vegas online and it is limitless and so difficult to decide. Of course you can eat at any you want, you don’t have to stay within “your” hotel parameters, but it’s still difficult to pick.
Each and every hotel has a little bit of what we want and now we just have to make the choice. It was funny yesterday Mitch and I were looking and I had mentioned one that had really good restaurants and a comedian every night and other things on our list to do. But he was looking at the website and it said things like; childcare available, arcade, kids corner. He told me if we were going kid-less we weren’t going to stay where a bunch of kids would be running loose. I had laugh at the thought, because I can’t imagine kids running lose in a town like Las Vegas, but apparently he could. We won’t be staying there:)


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