Chronicles of planning a vacation part 1: Kids or no kids

We have to start by picking the destination. Which in my opinion is a problem all be it a good problem. I am so thankful we can go on vacation at all. With endless vacation destinations right at your finger tips now, it’s so hard to decide where to go. Our first and main priority was what to do with the kids. Do we take them with us? Do we leave them with a sitter? Then came the question from my husband. Can we take just Ben with us? Maybe we should go to Disney in Florida. I would be ok with that if we went as a family. Then I could take the little kids and he could take Ben. I don’t ride rides and that is what they want to go and do. But traveling with the little kids is a lot of work right now. Plus Zander is just barely potty trained and Meri is in diapers. Not my idea of a fun vacation memory. Cramped in a bathroom stall with one on the toilet and trying to change the other’s diaper standing up. Been there done that at the grocery store – not gonna happen on vaction. Sorry!

My respsonse to all of this was I would like to go somewhere alone(with my husband, not myself:)! That means no little people. And where better to get away from kids than Vegas right? We had debated visiting the East Coast again, but when the Vegas bug bit, it bit hard. We both like to go where it is warm and not just warm like a Minnesota summer warm, we like it sweltering! Couple that with the endless entertainment options and wonderful food selection and the chance to have unlimited people watching was just to much to compete with. Vegas it is!



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