We are adding to our family this weekend!  A new kitty is coming to live with the Erickson’s.

F0044527-Ducks_and_chickens_walking_on_dirt_path-SPLComing soon are our chickens and ducks!  I have been making plans for a couple of months, but now it’s time for action.  I can’t wait to be out there in my pink leopard print rubber boots!  The barn and the garage need cleaning in a terrible way, however there is something blocking my way.  SNOW!  We have so much snow this winter that I can hardly get to the barn let alone get it ready for our chicks.  I guess they will be living in the porch for a few weeks under the heat lamp, so I have a little time left.

On a good note the snow if melting with these warm rays tickling our skin the last few days.  I want it to go fast, but that poses a problem in it self.  Flooding!  Yikes.  I hope that doesn’t happen.



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