I had to work today and yesterday, so I was a little more stressed out than normal on the way home today.  My house gets turned upside down and I am behind on laundry, because I am not there to be the REGULATOR!  Ha that is what I feel like with two toddlers running my house anyway.  So I heard on the radio that it is the march for life in Washington.  I am so glad!  I have so many mixed and passionate feelings about the issue of abortion.  I gave myself a very good lecture all the way home.  I was fired up let me tell you.  I came back with everything I had against the issue and there were a lot of good ones!  I thought about writing a post to air all my feelings out, but now that I am sitting here with the available audience I feel like it’s a disservice to get so angry and push my thoughts and feelings down someone elses throat, so what I will do instead is say, “What would jesus do?”  Is this a cop-out using something as widely known as this to do my dirty work?  I don’t think so.  I think if we ask ourselves that question and really hear the answer he will tell us.  I hope you have a joyous and peace filled evening!


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