Another sneak peek… A Cabin in the Woods.

Oh my gosh this story is pouring out of me now.  Fortunately God is blessing me every day with new dialouge and background.  Unfortunately the names may keep changing a bit.  I just can not decide if these names fit quite yet.  And as I was writing the day before yesterday an idea came to me for the second installment.  A series?  Could it be true.  You just never know where God will lead you if you are open to the possibility.  I hope that I am entertaining you with little tidbits of my story.  If you have comments or suggestions feel free to enlighten me!  Thanks!

A Cabin in the Woods

Dusk surrounded them with a ferent golden glow.  Emerging through the trees the sun set the scene ablaze. The deep autumn colors were coming alive with vivid animation.  She stood on the sidewalk and had to turn a 180 degree circle to take it all in.


“I can’t leave. I want to Stay here forever. ”Suzy said breathlessly.

She didn’t know what was she saying.  She couldn’t really mean those words she just thought.  It was unthinkable, laughable really. She had worked tirelessly to move beyond her small town upbringing, she transformed herself from Bearcreek backwoods hick to a Rosemont Free Press journalist.


Well ok, she hadn’t done it alone. God and college helped transform her, but that is who she was now. She was a city dweller, not a woodsman. Suzy lowered herself to a lawn chair that sat along the walk way.


She drew in a deep breath and muttered.” I need some time to think about this. It changes my whole Life plan.”


“Plans change.” Benjamin replied hopeful.


“I know they do. I know they should.”  She stopped.

“But,” he continued for her.

“But living in the city writing for a newspaper is the only plan I have had since the tenth grade.  Do you remember Mrs. __________?  She loved my writing.  She read several of my stories to the class and had me write for the school paper before I was even interested in it.  She encouraged me to keep writing. To keep trying different things.”


“Well this is different.”  Benjamin said with a smirk. “And you will still be writing. You told me your boss gave you a column. Can’t you write a column about anything?  At lunch you mentioned you could write from where ever you were and whatever you were doing?  And what about this book you were talking about writing. Wouldn’t this be the perfect writing environment?” He said raising his hands and making a Vana White movement over the landscape.


Suzy noticed how hard he was trying to convince her of all she already knew.

She was sensing his urgency.  Shge wondered if he really wanted her to stay here in Bear Creek.  Her mind reeled as another thing to agonize over filled her being.

She thought back to the day they had spent together.  It was a true blessing and she had said a prayer to thank the Lord for it.  Their conversation flowed so easily.  She suddenly had a flash of heat cross her face.  She wondered what it would be like to be in a committed and loving relationship with Benjamin Hately.  Susy had been asking God to Send her Someone who was compatible with her. Thus far her own seach had turned up only the opposite.


Her prayers had been answered before, why was she so surprised that God would provide for her now? She Shook her head and looked up at Benjamin who towered over her petite frame.


“I need to go home and pray about all that has happened today. Its been a really great day.” She spoke softly.


Benjamin took her hand and helped her out out the chair.

“You know you could stay here for the night if you wanted to. The Cleary family has been renting it out as a weekend cottage to pay for the upkeep.” He said in a last desperate attempt to gain more time with her. His heart hopeful he gazed into her eyes, “Please Stay and have dinner with me tonight?”


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