The perfect day!

Now this is what I envisioned staying home with my kids would be like.  We went to the library for story time at 10:30am on a Tuesday!  Yippee!!!  It was so much fun.  The babies have not enjoyed what the library has to offer, so I admit I was a little nervous taking them both on this adventure.  However they both did awesome!  They couldn’t get enough.  Of course story time went on without them, but they found puzzles and table with chairs just their size.  They found a computer that was made for them.  One they didn’t have to climb a table to get too!  Oh and let’s not forget the endless amount of books to pull of the shelves and look at.  Oh my gosh what a fun time.  Then my friend Karen took me out for a birthday lunch.  I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.  It has been quite a treat!  Now to read the books we brought home over and over and over again!  Yeah!


2 thoughts on “The perfect day!

  1. Trust me, they will not all be like this beautiful day. 😉
    Trust me again, these are the types of days that help us stay the course. 😀

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