2 January, 2013 16:19

I just may have stumbled on the coolest thing ever invented. Ok well I didn’t stumble upon it. My husband gave it to me for Christmas last year and well if you know anything about me or my life it’s been kind of chaotic the last couple of years. I was working a full time job and raising three small very busy children. I feel terrible that I didn’t have time to open and play with it until this week! Yikes! But now I am with more time than I sometimes know what to do with, so I have been filling those hours with more writing and more organizing. Both brought me to this wonderful present.
I am constantly capturing my thoughts and complaints and whims on paper. I have an unlimited amount of notebook paper in files and stacks all over the house. My thoughtful and wonderful husband thought a digital notebook would solve all of my disorganization. At least my writing disorganization. There is a special notebook that I can still write everything I want down and then I can convert it into a word document and download or upload where ever I need too. I don’t have to type unless I want to change something. Not that I hate typing, but for me half the battle is writing out this wonderful paragraph, sticking it in my folder and never being able to find it again! Now I write it down plug in my notebook and convert it into a word document. Oh my gosh! What a day!!!

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