Another sneak peek at The Cabin in the Woods.

She arrived at the Hately’s realty office and sat for a moment to take it all in.  What was this she was feeling all of a sudden?  She was a city girl now.  She liked to travel and see new places now.  What was she doing here?  Something nudged her from inside her heart.  She slowly emerged from the vehicle and was flooded with warm sunlight streaming through the towering Evergreens.

As she walked in the door she was greeted by the warm outdoor décor that surrounded her.  She looked left to find a monstrous set of deer antlers hanging on the wall.  She looked right to find numerous water fowl stuffed and preserved forever in a state of happy flight.  Behind the desk a black bear spread across the entire wall.  Red and green plaid seemed to have exploded over the rest of the office.  It was fitting she thought, if you like that sort of thing.  Her guard seemed to pop up at the oddest of times.  What a weird thing to think.

On the other side of that enormous mahogany desk sat a handsome young man.

Benjamin looked up and smiled.

“I’ll call you back this afternoon,” he said as he hung up the phone.

“Wow this looks like a picture right out of a wilderness magazine.  Ah, not that I read wilderness magazines.  But I would assume this is what they look like.”  She smacked her head with her right hand and said, “Hi, I’m a little early.”

“No problem.  I’m glad.  Have you had lunch?”

“Nope.”  She smiled.

“Ok then.  Let’s have lunch first to discuss the plan and then we can head out to the cabin.”.”  He said with an air of confidence.

“Sounds good to me.”  She replied trying to hide her excitement.

The scene before them as they walked out the door made the pair burst into a laugh.  There sat two Jeep Cherokee’s, one white and one blue.

“That is not much of a city vehicle,” Benjamin made the first comment.

“Are you kidding?  This is my dream!  I bought it after college,” she replied.  “I can’t believe you drive the same thing!  I didn’t even notice when I pulled up.  I must have been distracted.”  She said wishing she could stop rambling.

He smiled at her and said with a laugh, “Should we take yours or mine?”


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