We have been dealing with a moody pre-teen lately.  I would have thought it’s too early to call him that, but apparently that is what he is.  Yikes!  Anyway.  I have made an apt for him, because he is moody and has no energy and bursts out into tantrums at the drop of a hat, I just haven’t known what to do.  Today we had our WIC appointment and the lady that was helping me mentioned that her son had sensitivity to certain foods with additives.  She described the symptoms her son had and I know I was starring at her with my mouth wide open, because they were the same symptoms that Ben has been exhibiting for a while.  So I asked her some questions and now have been researching online about additives.  It’s amazing when you start looking at your labels.  I guess that is what they have been saying for a long time, but who has time for that.  I just wanted to get supper made and on the table as fast as I could – I wasn’t checking labels and I certainly wasn’t making much from scratch.  OUCH!  We will try the whole foods approach for a couple of weeks and see if we can get him all cleaned out.  Of course it won’t hurt the rest of us to be clensed either!  Maybe this is the turn for our family.  Many days and nights we are spread out on the couch with no energy.  This has definately been a wake up call that is a long time coming.  It proves that God has his hand in it too.  I have been praying about Ben and God brought me to this lady today.  She opened my eyes to something I had not thought of.  Which of course makes me want to slap my head,  I should have thought of it.

Let me know if your kids suffer from alergies or sensitivity to food.  I would love some insight.


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