We can so easily forget what the meaning of Christmas is. Do we really know? Read Luke 2 and find out! It is now that we need to instill the knowledge of Jesus birth in our children. We can’t let them live the fairy tail for a few years and then let them decide what to believe. With Christmas programs in full swing I pray that your church teaches the story as it happened and doesn’t glamorize the night that Christ came to this earth. Be joyful and thankful and loving everyday, because Christ came to this earth to bring that to YOU! Accept it and live it.

I need to take my own advice. With our Christmas program and everything else going on the last couple of weeks I have not been full of joy. Full of anxiety and stress, yes, full of joy, no. I pray that your family will take the time to sit and enjoy one another this Christmas season. Leave the fighting and bickering outside in the cold where it belongs.


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