There is life beyond 5pm!

The kids were trapped in the house Sunday and Monday due to rain, so last night after supper I decided to take them into town and go to open gym at the school.  We stopped by my aunts house first to drop her something she had ordered.  We had a fantastic visit with my cousins and the kids played in her big, beautiful house.  Ben says he wants one just like it.  I said you will need to find someone to clean it!  He is a little on the messy side:)  So off to open gym it was and we had a blast.  I chaseed the babies around the track a few times until Zander spotted someone laying on the floor working out with the medicine ball and he just had to do the same thing.  It was priceless.  Then we went to play basketball.  Meri found a jump rope and a tennis ball and Zander found a little boy just his size to play with and Ben and I shot hoops and played one-on-one.  It was so much fun.  Summer is back!


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