Working mommy guilt strikes again.

Once again I am on the floor writing with Meri in my lap and Zander standing in front of me talking a mile a minute.  Today is potty train Elmo day at our house.  So that is what we are doing
I am having a dilema.  I am feeling a little selfish and a little guilty.  I don’t want to spin it my way, so I can justify my actions and feelings, so I will just put it out there and let you decide.
We have a women’s group that meets Saturday for a study and then they go for coffee at a local cafe.  I’ve done both and it is very much fun!  I have brought my kids and I have gone by myself.  I told the girls earlier in the week that I would probably come since my husband was home.
I woke this morning feeling like I didn’t want to go anywhere.  Coupled with having  had a long week at work and my kids being up and happy to see me.  My two year old says to me, “Mommy you stay here?”  Talk about heart breaking.
So ok now I am spinning it a bit.  But the point of all this rambling is that I feel guilty, because I said I would probably come to spend time with the girls yet I have more overwhelming guilt over leaving my kids and husband and housework to go have coffee.  Especially since I will see them tomorrow at church.  Most everyone else in the group has bigger children who have their own Saturday activities.  I have two babies at home.  I prayed for seven years to have another baby after Ben was born and God blessed me with two!  How can I give in to the guilt of not having “girl time”?  I can’t.  Plain and simple these babies are too important.


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