I am free when I write.

Lately I have been feeling bogged down at work and in life.

We have had some sickness bugs running through the kids, the weather keeps bobbing and weaving never settling, work is crazy busy and I feel like I can’t keep up with anything at home.

But when I even think about writing and researching it lifts my spirits right out of the mud that murks my happiness.  I started researching Palm Sunday and the Easter celebration this morning and I was filled with utter delight at the prospect of sitting down at the computer with my bible, pen and paper and hammering out my own little Holy Week tribute.

Then I start to think about my girls.  I have these girls in my head who have two very different life stories and who I have outlined a scenario for.  I wonder if their stories will ever be finished for someone to read.  I am sure of it, but the fun is just beginning for them again.  Stay tunned to see how they play out!


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