26 March, 2012 19:19

Last week at work I had to pick up a group of customers from the airport in Warroad. The customers were from the East Coast mainly and a couple of them had not visited Warroad previously. As we drove toward town I was showing them the various Marvin buildings including the training center where they would spend the majority of their stay. As I approached the motel to drop them off the big red Coca Cola truck was parked in the lot. I said with my Vanna White wave, “And this is Tim, the Coke man.” Someone laughed and said, “You are on a first name basis with the Coke man?” I replied with a smile, “I graduated with his sister.”

Many guests that travel to Warroad for training at our facility are from very large cities. They can’t fathom the fact that we live in the sticks. They think we are all related and we certainly know everyone! So this was a little fun humor I could have with the East Coast guys.


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