May wonders never cease!

Can you imagine, if this is what God can carve out of rock what he can do in us if we let him? 

In our study we learn to say, “I am dead to that sin”.  I wasn’t taking it literal and I was spinning my wheels.  I learned today that others were taking this literal and actually saying the words when a sin reared it’s ugly face.  They are changing and I was sitting in the same spot wondering why I wasn’t.  I guess I know now.

Our relationship with God is a tough row to hoe, but a well worth while journey.  If it’s difficult and not what you imagined he is probably working wonders in your life.  It’s it’s all smooth sailing and you think, “this is easy!” then you are probably not getting it. 

I had a mini breakthrough/slap-in-the-face today.  I am so glad I did.


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