Pop a top!

Ok this might mean something different to some of you.  But to me it means my canning jars sealed – yeah!  I know it seems like a stupid thing to be excited about, but I don’t enjoy canning that much, so when I hear those jar tops start popping I get excited! 

Canning is a lot of work with little payback.  The biggest benifit is saving what we can’t get up here in the winter time.  If you can preserve a fruit or vegetable and it tastes as fresh as when it’s picked from the garden that’s wonderful, but with inovation in frozen food and even the canned food at the store I don’t know if it’s worth the work! 

All of you canning maniacs will probably disagree with me, but that’s life and mine is busy enough.  I don’t need to add more work to the mix.  Call me lazy.


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