If life gives you Tomatoes make salsa!

I have acquired the greatest Salsa recipe that I have ever tasted and it’s home-made!  So if someone is giving tomatoes away from their garden this fall take them and try my easy and fresh tasting salsa recipe. 

When I made this salsa I was very proud of the result, so I wanted Mitch to try it.  I stuck the spoon in his mouth and he made a face.  Not a completely unwelcoming face, but not an excited appreciative face either.  He told me it was good and then said he wasn’t really a salsa person.  What?!  Salsa is tomatoes all smooshed up and made into a sauce of sorts.  He loves tomato sauce.  I believe he and Ben would have tomato sauce intravenously transported into their bodies if it was humanly possible.  spaghetti, tomato hotdish, pizza, maranara sauce with cheese sticks – it’s endless.  But apparently salsa is a different taste.  And that is fine, because there will be more for me!


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