I just read a very funny line a book I am reading.  I don’t know if I totally agree, but it struck me funny non-the-less.

“If God had meant women to do housework, he wouldn’t have created men first.” 

Now this could be taken in various contexts, but I am taking it to mean men are slobs and we spend a lot of time cleaning up after them.  I am trying to teach my boys to clean up after themselves, but I am afraid it is in their DNA make-up to leave crap laying behind for me to pick up.  It’s not that the house is dirty, it just always has toys, or magazines or papers laying all over.  I keep piles, nice neat piles where I know I can find what I want and need.  Apparently Ben thinks those piles are useless, because if he is looking for something he spreads the entire pile out to find it.  Logical I guess, but then one would think maybe mom wants me to put that back the way I found it – right?  Ah, no – we will just leave it because we know mom can’t stand to see papers spread out and she will just come and put it back in a pile again!  Mmmm…

I don’t know why I thought of this, probably because of the pile of papers, but it’s a funny story that makes me laugh to this day.

One day at work I changed an itinerary for a group three times, because the trainer changed, the group wanted to add something and the flight time changed.  So finally I think I am done with this stupid schedule.  As I am walking by my bosses office the new trainer walks out and says well I think I have made the fianl adjustments to the itineary, just let me type them up and you can print it for the customers.  I was so stunned I threw the fist full of papers I had at him and walked away.  I think he was more stunned because he just stood there.  My boss came out of the office laughing and we all had a good chuckle.  Maybe it’s just pregnancy hormones seeping their way out!


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  1. Good for you, Karlynn! You acted on what most of feel like doing at one time or another! Probably does one good to JUST DO IT!

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