Attention Roseau County Restaurants!

Listen up!  Please update, change or completely scrap your old menus.  Every restaurant in this county sells the same kind of food.  Every restaurant that opens seems to want to conform to this “home cooking” type of food service and it is sooooo sickening.  Who wants to go out to eat home cooking?  Not me – I can cook that at home! 

Please subscribe to the Food Network if you can and if you can’t, grab the nearest computer and log onto  They have free recipes for good food.  And the recipe titles do not include home cooking.  Don’t be scared they are not difficult and involve a lot of the same ingredients most kitchens would have.  I make the recipes at home and they are delicious.    You won’t have to take out a loan to re-vamp or your entire kitchen, I would just really like to see something special when the sign says daily special.  Not another chicken breast and fry special.  What is special about a chicken breast?  NOTHING!


2 thoughts on “Attention Roseau County Restaurants!

  1. You have a point. Sorry, I don’t know where Roseau County is located but I can mention some really unique dishes that my human has told me about from his travels (80+ countries). Maybe one of the restaurants there might want to pick them up. How about marinated earthworms , or live carp marinated in pepper sauce, or fish-eye soup, or roasted locusts? To extreme? Smoked stuffed eels? How about that Scottish dish, Haggis – you know that stew cooked in a animals stomach? Oh, yes, my human was wondering how he could get to Roseau Count.

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