My yard is done for the summer…

Of course there is always a lot of work when it comes to keeping up a yard.  But when your yard is measured in acres, not lots or square feet, there is a little more to it. 

Mitch is always trying to come up with new ways to “use up the space” in our yard.  Mostly so he can eliminate some of the mowing!  It’s fine with me, because he has created beautiful masterpieces.  He has worked so hard and now it’s really showing. 

We sat in the gazebo and ate dinner the other night.  It brings such refuge from the blistering sun and giant mosquitos we grow in northern Minnesota.  Of course my favorite thing on the gazebo is the sun deck!  I am a sun junkie.  I know I know it’s bad for my skin, but it makes me feel so good to soak up some of that natural energy!


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