My reality tv bubble has burst!

I started watching a new reality tv show called Bethany Getting Married?  No I am not questioning whether or not the name is correct – that is the title – a question.

Anyway she is one of the original Housewives of New York (another reality show) and she was on The Apprentice (another reality show) and I liked her on both, so I thought what the heck?

On the episode she was hiring a wedding planner.  The man was fashionable and a little fruity – exactly what you want in a wedding planner right? 

Here is where my bubble burst!  We also watch a sitcom called Rules of Engagement.  On the last episode I watched a new character entered the scene and low and behold it was Bethany’s wedding planner.  What the heck? 

So now you are asking yourself, doe she really think those shows are unscripted and real?  Not so much, but I haven’t seen an actor play a part of a real person before – this is a first.

Hey, maybe he does live in New York as a wedding planner and jets off to Hollywood or where ever the show is taped to do a sitcom.  It could happen.  What an interesting life!


3 thoughts on “My reality tv bubble has burst!

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