We went to Detroit Lakes last weekend to meet Tricia and Christian.  The boys played and played and played and talked and talked and talked.  Oh and we googoo and gaagaaed over the baby to of course!  It was so much fun.

The boys played in the pool and had a blast as well.  Ben is just learning to swim.  He still uses his floaties on his arms, but he is getting so brave it’s great!  He still gets a little nervous when his head goes under the water.  I always tell him not to panic and just take deep breaths.  Well he started to jump in the water in the deep end.  One time he came up gagging and flailing his arms, so I ran over to him.  I told him to stop panicking and take a deep breath, to which he replied, “Mom I am not panicking I was just afraid I was going to drown!”

Ha!  Well there you have it!


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