We wanted a white Christmas and for awhile thought we might not get one.  Well mother nature, God and Santa must have gotten together and put all of their power into giving us what we wanted.  This is ridiculous!  I pray that everyone on the road in the next two days has safe travel!  We are under a ton of snow and it’s not stopping this morning. 

We traveled the 21 miles into town yesterday for Christmas dinner with Mitch’s mom.  At first we had major doubts we would make it all the way, but once we reached the highway we saw they had plowed at least once in the morning which cleared some of the lines, so we could see where the road was.  The day before we went to town and could not see the road at all. 

Our neighbor plows us out with his big tractor and they have been gone through the entire storm.  Last night when we got home there was a message on our machine that he was trying to make it home from International Falls to plow.  It was sweet of them to think of us.  Lukily we have a 4-wheel drive pickup in the mean time, because the drifts around my car are up to my tires!


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