Ready or not?

Well I think I am ready to have this baby! 

This whole pregnancy went so fast it seemed like I couldn’t keep up.  That is up until last Tuesday.  I started to have contractions and I thought for sure I was ready to go then!  But they stopped.  Then they started and then they stopped.  This did not happen in my first pregnancy, so I didn’t know what to think. 

I went to the doctor yesterday hopeful he would have good news like I started to dialate.  No such luck.  I haven’t even started yet!  But I wasn’t terribly disapointed.  I had a talk with my mom the other day and she calmed me down quite a bit. 

My original due date started out as Jan 13th, which is my birthday:)  Then I had an ultrasound and they told me Jan 7th was more accurate.  Then I had a second ultra sound and she said because of the baby’s size he would be coming at the end of Dec.  So Dec 27th is what I have been going by the whole time. 

With Benjamin I was 3 weeks early, so naturally I have been thinking that I will go early with this little bundle too.  Doesn’t look like he is coming any to early.  Unless of course I go by the first dates like my mom said I should do.  Then he will be early. 

I am progressing finally after a week of pins and needles and I guess that is all that matters.  I just really want to meet our new addition and I am so excited.  I thought for sure I would go in last night, but I didn’t.  Now we will see if it’s tonight!


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