Good intentions!

My intention yesterday was to spend the afternoon reading and studying.  Well guess what?  My body’s intention was to sleep and rest!  Guess who won out in the end. 

I didn’t accomplish any of the mind work I set out to do this weekend, but I did get Ben’s well child check up done and both of us are now safe from the H1N1 virus.  Or as safe as we can be I guess!  I heard someone in WalMart talking on Saturday and she said she had both flu shots and she is now sick and can’t figure out what she has! 

Great, after all that worrying and wondering if it’s the right thing for the baby if I get that shot then I can still get sick?  It’s really too much stress right at the end of my pregnancy to worry about all that.  Even worse, after I agonized over getting one or both or neither of the flu shots, I finally decided to get both from a recommendation of my nurse friend and doctor and now the clinic has no seasonal flu shots and they do not know when they will get more in!  AAAAHHHHH!  That is frustrating. 



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