Busy, Busy, Busy


This week has certainly tested my parental ability!  A few weeks ago Devi talked about how important it is to stay home in the evening and eat dinner with your family.  She said kids don’t really want to be toted around to every activity available and they usually would much rather stay home and play a game!  Well I can sympathize with that this week. 

Tuesday we had cub scouts, Wed we had Royal Rangers/Missionettes and last night he had a birthday party.  Whew!  I don’t know if I can survive this if he decides to take on a sport as well! 

Mitch and I have spent the last three nights in passing and I don’t like it!  But luckily it’s not like this every week.  Cub Scouts is only every other week.  Although Ben brought home a paper last night for Basketball.  Lukily that is not during the week.  It will be primarily Saturdays and only a handful of them. 

I feel torn, because on one hand I have been waiting for this time to see him in all of these activities and on the other hand I am 8 months pregnant and very tired!  Yikes! 

I am sure it will work itself out just fine.  Tonight we are staying home and cuddling on the couch!  Then it’s off to deer camp to see how everyone is doing there!  I am sad I won’t get to hunt this year, but on the positive side I won’t be so tired and I can run around and visit everyone! 

Have a blessed day!


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