Great re-unions


At the fourth of July parade were the usual fire trucks, ambulance, business advertisers and all the princesses riding in convertibles waving at the crowd.  I doubt very much if they saw one person or another while perched on their thrones.  But one particular princess caught our attention.  She nearly leapt out of her convertible when she saw a man in the crowd.  The man was in a wheel chair and was disabled.  He was being pushed by a woman in a multi colored scrub outfit.  I could only assume he was from a facility in the area and this young lady worked there at some point.  She was filled with tears at seeing and he was filled with pride having her see him.  Right in front of us the parade stopped and a re-union of sorts happened. 

My tears, of course, flowed freely as they often do when I witness something so tender.  And I am thankful that God allows these moments of human compassion to happen.  My wish is that everyone takes the time when these moments occur to thank Him for the gifts of love and kindness He affords us each day.  Someone in the crowd turning around to talk to someone else may have missed this wonderful interchange.  That would have been a shame! 

Walk in love today!


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