Another day in paradise


Yesterday was such a busy day at work it flew by!  I felt like I didn’t accomplish one thing completely, because there was always something else tugging at me to get done.  Oh well, I like the fast days!  I hope today goes equally fast.

Ben went back to school and had a great day.  His cough is still there, but he looks better than he did the other day.

My mom and dad are off to see Kylar and Kodye in Montana!  I wish they didn’t live so far away, but I wish more that I could go and see them more often.  It’s such a long trip and it’s not cheap to drive or fly.  I am just so glad my mom and dad can go and spend time with them.  We get to see them at Christmas.  I hope they are here for a week! 

Ben built a fort in the living by tipping over my rocking chair and draping a blanket over the top.  What is it with boys and forts?  They love them! 

I am so glad it’s Friday!  I am hoping to start working on Lizzie and Harry again soon.  I am waiting for the right time.  I haven’t had any energy or inspiration lately.  I wonder if I should stop stalling and just dive into it?  It’s like I am afraid to finish it.  Oh well I will keep praying and the answer will come.

Have a blessed day!


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