My little man has been not feeling well this week.  I kept him home from school yesterday, because he complained of a belly ache.  It didn’t last long and he was bouncing off the walls in no time, but I think he needed an extra day of rest.  He didn’t cough at all last night.

He sat at the table and on the floor most of the day working on an activity book he received for fire safety week.  The child is very smart and not afraid to attack a project that may be to old for him.  He is six and he did a word find and crossword puzzle!  I helped a little, but not very much! 

He loves to write letters to people and stories.  The other day I see him write a word and then lay his finger down beside it and start to write another word.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said writing a sentence.  So that is how they learn to space the words correctly!  I can’t remember any of that stuff!  And in first grade, really? 

His reading is coming along fabulously as well.  He breezes through all the worksheets.  And his memory is just great!  At the beginning of the year the teacher told us he was having trouble sitting still and paying attention, but not to worry, because that comes with age.  Well I think he has improved 110%.  Yesterday he sat and did all of his homework and that workbook.


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