I guess we should learn not to plan our weekends out to the last second!  Ben woke up on Thursday morning with a fever and a terrible cough.  We have been resting and cuddling for two whole days.  Today he was finally feeling a little better. 

I went out and collect sticks and leaves so we could work on a project today.  He made Grandma Mary a picture with a letter on it and then made a frame around it with sticks and glue.  It turned out very nice and he earned an elective for Cub Scouts! 

Daddy surprised him by bringing home a Polaris jacket for him.  We were supposed to go shopping for a new winter jacket today too, but Ben was still feeling a little under the weather, so we decided to postpone it.  Then Mitch really came through by bringing one home for him.  He had asked for a Polaris jacket.  Ben says he will wear it all weekend.  I believe him as he hasn’t taken it off yet and Mitch has been home for two hours:-)


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