It’s fall?

I wish I had memory disks for my camera so I could show you the scene out my office window today!  It’s quite beautiful and yet terribly disturbing at the same time.

Our summer was about a week long with 80 degree temperatures.  Beyond that we had nothing higher.  This is ok with me, I am not complaining.  However in October we should be enjoying the brisk, crispy walks through the leaves in our yard.  Instead, today, we will be shoveling snow off of our deck! 

I guess I won’t be transplanting my irises’ today.  It’s really only a dusting of snow and will be gone shortly, however the 24 degree temperature makes it feel more like the end of November than the beginning of October.

My son was so excited the other night when I came home from work.  He was sitting on the couch and I asked him if he saw the snow, because in Warroad it had snowed several times throughout the day.  He told me it hadn’t snowed here.  About 15 minutes later it came and he jumped on the couch and squealed to high heaven!  Then he said he was going outside and he jumped on the deck and squealed some more.  That snow didn’t last long, but last night the snow stayed and he had all his winter gear spread out in the kitchen and soon he looked as though it was the middle of January. 

Again I wish I had my camera ready, so I could show you the picture of him standing in the kitchen with red snow pants, pak winter boots, warm black mittens and  heavy winter jacket on, ready to go out and play in the 1/2 inch of fallen snow on Oct 9th in northern Minnesota.  I am guessing it was a familiar scene in houses all across our county. 

Kids love winter!  Until they have to start driving in it that is!


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