Back to School!

Benjamin started school this week.  I tell you what I was a wreck!  A brand new classroom, brand new teacher and a lot of new kids he didn’t know.  But he did fantastic! 

The second day he decided he wanted to start riding the bus from our house instead of daycare.  Of course I had my worries over this, but he insisted he wanted to do it.  So I called the bus driver and had it all set up.  Unfortunately the bus comes to our house at 650am.  That’s early!  But driving over to daycare to drop him off for a 710am bus woke us about the same time.  So I prayed to calm my worries and nerves and we made it!  He did so great!  I could tell that he was nervous and had his own doubts when the bus came rolling down the gravel, but he took a deep breath and got on that bus! 

I cheered in my car and then I cried a little.  My baby boy has made it to first grade and is now independant enough to ride the bus for an hour and 20 minutes and walk down a long hall to his room.  WHAT?  Two weeks ago I would have said he wouldn’t have done any of it by himself. 

I am so proud to be a mom!


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