It’s a boy!

baby boy ericksonI feel like I have been away for so long!  I wanted to share our great news!  We are having a baby boy!  I thought I knew what name I wanted.  I had shared that in a previous post, but now my husband is thinking no, he doesn’t want that name, so now we have to work on it a little!

Anyway the reason I am posting.  I had a regular appointment yesterday morning and they said if I wanted I could have the ultra sound that afternoon.  I was so excited I said of course!  So I called Mitch to see if he could get done with work early, but no such luck.  They had just switched over to a new machine and no one would be leaving early:(  Bummer!  Well I still wanted to go the same day. 

I went and laid for an hour watching our baby boy dodge the camera!  Nothing like Benjamin who loves the lime light.  Our newest addition was so active it took an hour for her to get the pictures she wanted and still she couldn’t coax him into the right position for one of them.  It was so amazing!  I saw him flailing his arms around while hitting me in the belly.  He did flash us a thumbs up and she got a pic of that.  I will post that later today if I remember. 

Later yesterday when Mitch arrived home Ben and I were making muffins to go with supper.  I wanted him to tell Mitch about the baby.  So I said, “Ben tell daddy what we are going to have.  And he said excitedly, “Daddy were making cupcakes!”  It was another precious moment! 

Anyway so we are having another boy and we decided last night that we will try one more time for a girl, but if it doesn’t happen within a year we will finish our adoption journey which we started before this little guy decided he wanted into the Erickson bunch! 

We are truly blessed to have a God who loves us and pours his mercy onto us each and every day!  Thank you Jesus for this blessed gift!


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