Well as usual on my day off of my real job I am having trouble getting motivated to do anything constructive.  I have all of these big plans to accomplish my “list”, but rarely do it.  I do have the intention, but the execution is where the problem lies. 

So with that said I am writing in my blog, so I guess that is something constructive.

I wanted to catch up on the events of the weekend.  We held our Relay for Life event on Friday night in Roseau County.  It was a huge success!  We raised over $75000.  That was our goal this year. 

The team that I am on raised over $3000.  Our goal was $2500.  I am so proud of our team! 

We learned a bit of information for next year’s event that was exciting.  One of the teams wants to hold a hair cutting contest and donate all of the hair to Locks of Love!  When my team heard about this three people quickly volunteered.  Me included!  I am so excited!  I looked on the internet for more information, because there seemed to be some confusion whether or not processed hair was acceptable.  It is!  So now we are on a hair growing mission.  The hair has to be 10 inches long in a braid.  That should not be a problem since my hair grows really fast. 

Well back to my movie.  I will write more later!


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