My Benjamin!

We were getting ready for bed last night.  Benjamin was just getting out of the shower, so I walked into my bedroom and all of a sudden I hear this screech and it sounded like he jumped in the air.  I debated whether or not he was just fooling around or not, but it really did sound like a genuine yelp, so I went to check on him.  Low and behold he was laughing his little butt off in his bedroom and couldn’t even tell me what was going on!  When he finally settled down and said that we was walking to his room and the fan scared him.  He must have been fooling around with his eyes shut or something and when he walked by the blowing fan it startled him.  He screams like a little girl when he is really startled.  I laughed so hard at him I had to hold onto my bladder, so I didn’t pee my pants.  And the best part was he was laughing at himself for getting scared!  It was a great moment!


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