I was thinking the other day about when I first received my drivers license.  I was so confident and a little cocky about driving.  We had just moved to Greenbush and I wanted to go see my friend Tricia.  She lived three miles out of town on the highway.  When I arrived I was ready to show off all of my awesome driving skills so I asked her to go for a ride.  We took a gravel road that runs parallel to their property.  I had been down that road thousands of times since I was a child, so I had no apprehension what so ever.  I pulled on to the gravel and stepped on the gas.  Things went well for about the first minute.  Then to my dismay I was going to fast and starting to fishtail on the loose gravel.  Yikes!  What now?  Well of course I would slam on the brakes right.  Well I can’t exactly remember if I hit the brakes or the accelerator, but I do know I was in the field heading right for the river!  I finally found the brake and it is no lie we stopped right on the edge of the river!  Holy Crap!  I didn’t know whether or not to laugh or cry at that point, but I was grateful for our safety. 

I was at her house a couple of weekends ago and we took the Ranger down that gravel road with our two little boys.  I shook my head and we had a good laugh remembering that crazy ride!  What an idiot!  Oh well I think my driving has improved a little bit:-)


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