The Roseau County Fair is Here!

I was so excited for this week to get here, because it is our county fair!  Last night the streets were filled with onlookers eagerly awaiting the kick off parade.  My son and I rode on our church float this year, so we didn’t get to watch.  It is very different actually riding on the floats rather than watching!  I think we both agree watching is better:)  Anyway.  We went to the fair last night and had a ton of fun!  Benjamin went on rides and we got to eat some junk food.  The last part of the evening was by far the best.  Ben and Mitch decided to have a water balloon fight at one of the booths there.  I laughed so hard I almost wet myself!  The guy running the stand “helped” Benjamin get his dad all wet and then Mitch got them back.  Oh my goodness that was a sight to be hold!  There were many spectators around the rides watching those 3 go at it.  So much so that one family left the ride they were waiting for and came over to participate.  That was a dad against a grandma and child.  It was fun for all!  Of course after they were done it was 8 O’clock at night and Ben didn’t think it was such a good idea at that point – he was soaked and quickly got the chills.  It was a good close to a great evening though.  We got him out of there with a relatively low amount of whining:)

Next up will be the Friday night demolition derby – how redneck is that!  Almost as much as the monster truck show – which by the way we never miss either:)  I know I should be more girlie, but what fun would that be!  Yeah…Yeah…Yeah!


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