Bible Camp Memories

I went to a concert at the Baptist Church a couple of Wednesdays ago.  The music was wonderful, but the message was even more great!  They were encouraging kids to sign up for summer camps.  Of course they mentioned Lake Bronson and that is where I used to go.  The whole evening brought me back to my childhood.  Seeing pictures of children and their antics at the camp.  I remember one time we pulled a prank on the pastor.  Every morning he would go and ring the bell to wake everyone for prayer.  Well one of our chaperons said we should put our socks on the bell, so when he rang it there would be no sound.  We were all up and waiting and sure enough there was no sound.  We laughed so hard!  He had to climb up the bell and take the socks off.  We had to finally admit who had done and I am sure we got in trouble, but I don’t remember the punishment – I just remember that pastor hanging from the bell tower trying to pull off all of those multi-colored socks!  What a riot!


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