The long weekend!

In years past I would get so bored with staying home on a long weekend.  I would always want to plan a getaway or at least a few trips to somewhere other than our place.

But now I love to spend the weekend tooling around our place finding little things to delight in!  Benjamin Mitch and I spent the latter half of yesterday playing, fixing and mowing late into the evening and I tell you what it was perfect.  I can’t think a better way to spend an evening!

Mitch and I not so long ago got into a fight because I didn’t want to “help” him rake the yard of leaves.  Well lets clarify something first.  I hate raking, I always have hated raking and probably always will!  Then lets clarify something else.  We only have one good rake.  So who do you think gets that?  Not me! 

So our argument did not get very far.  I will do anything else in the yard, but not that.  Besides when you get a nice pile of leaves a gust of wind always comes up and sweeps it back over the lawn.  Why would you want to set your self up for that kind of non-sense? 

There was no arguing this weekend though.  We have had a fantastic weekend.  I don’t want it to end, but I suppose it has to.


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